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Hey, new to the forum. New to the MB "family". Bought an EQS 580, took delivery in early July. The car drives like a dream, but I've had a host of electrical/system issues. In no particular order:

  • car door handles occasionally don't pop out when I'm next to car with key fob in hand
  • keep getting "replace battery in key fob" message even when I've just replaced the battery
  • car radio (or podcast playing via blue tooth) will periodically keep playing even after I've turned the car off and exited the car and closed the drivers door. I'm walking into the house and I hear audio still playing in the car. Requires me to go back, lock the car, unlock it, open the driver's door and close it again. This usually works.
  • after a few months of ownership, the climate blower was blowing at an extremely high speed even when the outside temp was mild and the temp settings were close to the outside temp. It was so loud that you almost couldn't hear the person next to you. This persisted for a couple of weeks and then went back to normal before it could be observed by the MB service dept.
  • two days ago a new issue: upon a couple of car starts in succession, I received a red lettered warning on the dash that says "malfunction" and has a battery symbol above it. I turned the car off, restarted it and the warning message went away. This happened more than once.
  • when pulling in the garage a week or so ago, I had a warning message on the dash that the parking assist (the thing that detects how close objects are to the front or rear of the car) wasn't working. That has happened only once.
  • a few months ago, when pulling out of the driveway, I had a series of error messages/warnings that "driver assist was inoperable", something else was inoperable, etc. etc.

I did have the car in to check a few of these items out (the ones that had manifested themselves by the time I took it in -- some of the above are more recent), and, wouldn't you know it, none appeared when the technician was checking it out. They updated the software and said "good luck" (or words to that effect). I'm frustrated and wondering what other problems are going to materialize.

I guess I'd rather have a car that runs great and has electrical problems than vice versa, but, for the price tag, I don't think it's too much to ask to have no/few problems.

Anyone else experiencing what I'm experiencing?

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