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It's a little hard to tell due to the brochure's resolution, but they look like the wheels on EQA's available in Australia last year on the Edition 1 model, which was a limited release. Are they the wheels shown in this review ? An extract from the review follows:

"......For a limited time, Mercedes is offering the EQA 250 with the 'Edition 1' package (pictured throughout), which offers a range of additional features and visual enhancements. Those who opt for the $7300 package get a set of 20-inch AMG alloy wheels exclusively finished in matte copper...."

The Edition 1 model also had copper accents on the key fob.

The AMG pack on my EQA included these wheels, but in plain silver and black, with no copper finish.

Edit: my lovely wheels are 20" wheels, so comfort may be compromised compared to standard wheels
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