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Has anyone else discovered this app and using it? I am and it is quite informative. My current 5 day energy consumption is 21.9kwh/100km compared to the WLTP fig of 21.5kwh/100km and an other drivers fig of 23.7kwh/100km. It also has individual day breakdowns and I can see that it is use today which was all short journeys and over 50% climbing hills has skewed the fig as Fri I achieved 20.4 and yesterday 22.7 but today only 26.1.
The app is like any of these things a simple rewards based system based on the data it gleans from the car re driving and parking time v battery capacity. The points accrued can be used to offset carbon or recive a charge credit.
What is really interesting is how they award you for not letting the battery top up too much ie keeping it at a mid level nor for parking it too long with a highly charged battery. Looking at this I can see they need a far more complicated system for their stop start times for overnight charging ie one that asks you how much charge you need for the next day. Difficult to explain until you have seen the app but I shall simply topup my battery which is 53% to 70% which will cover my needs tomorrow. Had I not had the app I would have probably topped it up to 80% but they are clearly saying in the app keep the battery at lower rates as much as possible.
It has rather upended how I anticipated running the charging thinking more of a 1 every other day top up to just charging as needed leaving some in the tank for emergencies ie enough to get me to the nearest hospital😉 This means for me generally shorter charging times which will actually workout easier with the new tariff I will be transferring to.
If you have not seen it or used it you might like to have a look. Be interested in seasoned users views.
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