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Mercedes-Benz EQ C Electric Crossover Will Get 300 Miles of Range

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The first official photos of the Mercedes-Benz EQ C have been released, along with some new details on the electric crossover.

The photos show Mercedes’ upcoming series EV undergoing winter testing in Sweden. The automaker says it tests all of its vehicles in Swedish Lapland, where temperatures sometimes reach minus 31 Fahrenheit, but EV development presents some unique challenges. Mercedes had to ensure the output of the electric motor was adequate under cold starts and with a cold battery. It also addressed issues such as cold weather driving range and energy recovery, along with pre-entry climate control so occupants aren’t freezing for the first 20 minutes of their drive.

“In addition to vehicle dynamics on snow and ice, winter testing of an electric car naturally also focuses on how well the battery system and the powertrain perform in sub-zero temperatures,” said EQ C chief engineer Michael Kelz. “Not to mention efficiency and comfort aspects, of course, such as the climate control, which are so decisive in terms of the vehicle’s range.”

Mercedes has developed an all-new platform for the EQ C called EVA, which was engineered specifically for electric vehicles. The crossover will feature a 70 kWh battery pack, which should provide a driving range of around 250-300 miles. Two electric motors, one mounted at each axle, should provide a maximum output of around 300 kW, or 400 hp. The vehicle will take less than 5 seconds to sprint from 0-60 mph, putting it on par with the recently released Jaguar I-Pace.

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While its great to hear that Mercedes has done proper winter testing, have they actually managed to do anything to decrease the loss of range that's found in colder conditions? I know it's been widely accepted by most automakers as a downside to the powertrain. Hopefully the new EQ C can match the range that's being offered by Jaguars I Pace and Hyundai's Kona.
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