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Should You Wait For An EQE, Arriving This Fall?
For loyal Mercedes-Benz E-Class owners looking to upgreen their ride, no other option will do. Air-quality worrywarts and screen-size braggarts will find the frunk-sized filtration system and Hyperscreen irresistible. And many new mainstream EV-buyers will be beguiled by the EQE's sumptuous interior and smooth, silent operation. But driving enthusiasts will find similar-priced and more compelling offerings from the competitors, and hardcore EV enthusiasts will be lured by the Lucid Air's innovation and efficiency.


The EQE offers effortless, quiet acceleration that’s as smooth as anything you’ll find this side of a quantum stabilized atom mirror, which, at this point, is probably redundant since that’s basically what’s written about every electric vehicle. It’s the nature of the quiet beast. During my time in the rear-drive EQE 350, the first version of the EQE coming to the U.S., it’s obvious that there isn’t enough oomph in the 215-kW rear motor that provides 288 horsepower and 391 pound-feet of torque to truly glue a passenger to the seat cushion. For that, you’ll have to wait for the dual-motor EQE 500 or the AMG version that have been promised. Still, the EQE 350 more than holds its own on both the city streets in Frankfurt, Germany, where the test drive took place, and at Autobahn-speeds darting through the nearby countryside.

Like the EQS, the EQE shines with three levels of regenerative braking: strong (also called D-), normal (D) and none (D+) that you adjust using paddles behind the steering wheel. These variants should be readily understood by anyone who’s driven a new EV recently, but the new intelligent recuperation setting that uses front-facing sensors to avoid hitting obstacles, called D Auto, is something unique. Playing around with these different levels of regen braking – setting the car to D+ for pure coasting on the Autobahn and then shifting to smart one-pedal mode (D Auto or D-, depending on your preference) in the city – is absolutely an underrated aspect of enjoying an EV, and should really be an automatic feature of any new model. The electric vehicles of Volkswagen Group, especially the Porsche Taycan, see things differently.