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It looks like in 2020 Mercedes Benz will be releasing model to take on the Model S and Porsche Taycan. This will be the third model in their EQ lineup, joining the EQC SUV and the EQ A hatchback. As the name suggests it will offer the same luxury, comfort and performance that's expected from their traditional S-class saloon. The EQ is planned to be powered by twin electric models-one for each axel, providing four wheel drive. The spy shots don't really let us see much of its design, but at least we know its already being tested.
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They are trying desperately hard to make the body lines of this vehicle, bu you can still see the sloping roof profile through the camo. It looks like Mercedes is trying to diversify the EQ lineup as quickly as possible.
I can't wait for the next CES show because EV's are taking cars far closer to being more of a technological experience on wheels than anything else.
Heck, even popular mobile device reviews on YouTube are reviewing cars like the Chevy Bolt and BMW i3.
As we move towards electrification, cars will be much more technological than mechanical. And as we see implementation of level 5 autonomy and vehicle to vehicle communication, they really will become super computers on wheels. I think the average number of moving parts in an electric has been reduced by a third over a typical ICE.
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