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Mercedes EQE 300 Range Test (Bjørn Nyland)

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Bjørn Nyland put the EQE 300 through its paces for a range test.

Here are the results compared to other Mercedes EVs he's tested.

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Bjørn released another video with the EQE 300 where he takes the car on a road trip.

I got the EQE 350, the slighter more powerful version (292hp), and I can tell the range is impressive. Way better than my previous EQC 400 and 20% better than my Model Y Long Range.

I can get 350miles easily, that's driving at higher speeds (on highway here you can do 90mph without any significant risk).
It's so streamlined that speed doesn't put a big cost in range.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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