It looks like the media embargo has lifted and the reviews of the EQS SUV are being released!

Here are some I've seen so far and as more come out add them here!

Motor Trend (EQS 580)

  • Packed with dazzling features and materials
  • Four-wheel steering maneuverability
  • Good EV range and charging capabilities

  • Weird self-depressing brake pedal
  • Unhurried power-folding second- and third-row seats
  • Not as comfortable as it should be
Motor Trend (EQS 450)

The Verdict

If you're one of the 35 percent of car shoppers looking to go electric with your next car and you have the means and the need to spend six figures on a luxury SUV, you can't do any better than the 2023 Mercedes EQS SUV. It isn't perfect, but neither is the Tesla Model X, which is even more expensive and has a less fancy interior, half a steering wheel, and less space for people and cargo. Keep the EQS SUV to the daily commute, and you'll have the private luxury cruise ship of your dreams.


Turns out off-roading a six-digit electric SUV is actually a pleasant experience we wouldn’t mind repeating, as absurd as it sounds. The quietude is nice, as there’s nothing to hear but your natural surroundings and the interaction between tire and trail. It’s comfortable — for one thing, you’re sitting in a luxury SUV, perhaps getting a massage, but also the suspension keeps the ride from being too jarring. It’s capable, traversing up wet, rocky trails and muddy ruts with relative ease, all without strange pulsings and clickings from the stability control as the car figures out where to send torque. The multiple camera views, including one that appears to make the hood transparent to show what’s directly beneath it, help you stay on track when you can’t see the trail ahead through the windshield. The most impressive feature, though, is the rear-axle steering, as it allows you to slink tightly around trees and boulders — obstacles that would normally require a three-or-more-point turn — with surprising deftness.

But the EQS SUV will spend most of its time on pavement, shuttling kids to soccer games on suburban roads, hitting the highway for trips to the city and maneuvering through parking lots that feel increasingly smaller as family vehicles become increasingly larger. Here, it might stand out for its newness and “hey, nice car” magnetism, but it will otherwise fit right in. It’ll make itself comfortable (as well as its occupants) as it dexterously slurps up speed bumps and slides into narrow parking slots. And, soon enough, that unfamiliarity with the tech will wear off about as quickly as the novelty of owning the first EQS SUV in the neighborhood, because, while you may be the first, you absolutely won’t be the last.

Car and Driver

While the less expensive gas-burning GLS-class offers greater cargo volumes and can tow significantly more—7700 pounds versus the EV's 3500—the EQS SUV is far more versatile than its sedan sibling. That its styling is more suburban than science fiction may be an additional draw for some. A tradeoff is that the current limitations of charging on the go will further complicate the family road trips that this utility vehicle was designed for, so plan accordingly when heading to Walley World. But considering how much more Mercedes you get for the same outlay as the four-door, this SUV is the most compelling EQS yet.


From the driver's seat the EQS SUV's interior looks identical to the sedan, aside from the taller and more upright driving position. The EQS450 comes standard with the same wing-shaped dashboard as the sedan, which features a 12.3-inch digital gauge cluster and a 12.8-inch central touchscreen running Mercedes' latest MBUX software. Optional on the EQS450 and standard on the EQS580 is the Hyperscreen, which features three displays totaling 56 inches of display space housed under one seamless glass panel. Even with the Hyperscreen, the EQS has a good amount of real wood trim on the center console and door panels, with the option to get dozens of little aluminum Mercedes star inserts. The available Neva Grey and Biscay Blue color scheme is my favorite, as it really lightens up the interior and gives it a more airy feeling.