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Mercedes has filed trademark applications with the EUIPO (Europe) for the names EQG 560 and EQG 580. These will be for the upcoming electric G-Wagen that Mercedes teased for the first time back in November 2020. Aside from confirming it will happen, Mercedes said it will launch around 2024, shortly after the EQE SUV and EQS SUV.

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Mercedes EQG Teaser:

Mercedes G-Class Electric slyly teased by Daimler
Daimler has teased the G-Class Electric for the first time

During the Mercedes-Benz Strategy Update 2020 conference on the 6th of October, Daimler conducted a comprehensive presentation covering its electrification strategy. The company said it would electrify every type of Mercedes-Benz passenger vehicle sub-brand, be it AMG, Maybach or even the G. Towards the close of the presentation, TopElectricSUV reports that it teased a Mercedes G-Class veiled in a golden car cover, parked in the hall of a palatial building in a matching beige theme.

While playing the teaser, the narrator said:


At the Automobilewoche Kongress program in November 2019, Ola Kallenius, the Chairman of Mercedes-Benz & Daimler, had said, and acknowledged for the first time, that a Mercedes G-Class Electric was in the product pipeline. On 6 October 2020, it was during one of Kallenius’s presentations that the teaser was played and the official confirmation arrived.

While at this time there are no details on the Mercedes G-Wagen Electric, we assume that it would have nothing to do with the Mercedes EVA platform or the Mercedes MMA platform that were also detailed at the same event. Preserving the rugged go-anywhere capability of the G-Class, Daimler’s engineers would be tasked to repurpose the existing platform and shoehorn the battery pack, motor and power electronics to give it a new character. Expecting to touchdown in a brutally competitive environment with respect to on and off road capabilities later this decade, expect the WLTP range to touch 500 km in the basic specification.

Daimler has not given guidance on the launch date of the G-Class, but one should see it shortly after the Mercedes EQE SUV and Mercedes EQS SUV models are launched in the market, around 2024.

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