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Mercedes Me GPS disconnects EQS580

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I have shipped my EQS580 twice on an auto haul carrier. The car is loaded and left unlocked on the hauler

The car is being shipped to and from Florida (1500 miles). Mercedes Me does not track the vehicle when on the truck. It shows the point of origin for the entire trip

I have an Apple Air Tag that does track the car so I do know where it is

Any idea why Mercedes Me doesn’t track the car?

Seems like vehicle could be easily taken and not tracked.
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I have an EQB 300 4MATIC and something similar happened some time ago just after I bought the car new when I was going through the settings (fiddling around) in the car in a car park when charging the car. After I drove home, later I found the location of the car showing in the app as still being in that car park.
Perhaps the above does not apply to you, but did the car show the new destination when it is taken off the carrier and driven?
So in short, in my car the Mercedes me app does show the location of the car, it is a setting in the car that needed changing back. If I can find the setting in the car, I will post again.

Having said that, I might have answered a different scenario. Are you talking about the Mercedes me app showing dynamic (real-time tracking) similar to having a tracker with its own sim card fitted to the car and checking its location whilst you are on the move? I have not had my wife check my app on the phone whilst we are on the move to see if its location has moved or is moving.

Edit. Perhaps if the car had been on the carrier with the ignition on and the doors locked (as if it was being driven) the app may have shown its location whilst on the move.
Seems like your Apple Air Tag is the best solution to keep track. I am an android person, so I cannot help here.
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