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Mercs future vision of auto manufacturing

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Mercedes has given us a first look at the high tech production line that models under their EQ brand will be built. Its being referred to as Factory 56 and it aims to do away with the traditional assembly line and streamline the production process. It will utilize 300 driverless systems that all communicate via a 5G network.
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High tech facilities are great and all, but we've seen with Tesla that relying too much on automated processes, can actually negatively impact production. Namely in regards to quality control, which is something that remains paramount for MB.
I think all of this is great in theory, but it may be a bit more difficult to actually build and run efficiently. It looks like there is a still a lot of human involvement, which I think needs to remain constant for all production facilities.
Automakers are going to go with whatever process ends up being cheaper and more efficient to run. The main issue that arises with too much automation is what happens when one of the machines breaks down. It will have an impact on nearly every other part of the production line.
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