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Multimedia Display Frozen

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Hi All

I have a 2022 EQC, only 350 miles on the clock and the Multimedia screen has today frozen as a blank screen with the Mercedes-Benz working in the middle. This subsequently means that the heating, A/C, radio, telephone etc is all NOT working. This includes the manual buttons as well as the on/off button.

The main display (speedo etc) is working.

I have turned the car off but the screen remains with the MB logo across it. I;ve left if for half an hour and still its the same.

Is there a quick reset i can do or is this a trip to the dealer?

Any help, much appreciated
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You could try the Mercedes Me button near the rear view mirror and see what Mercedes say. They might be able diagnose the car remotely or at least log a report to prevent reoccurrence for other deliveries. Sounds like a trip to dealer may be needed to replace a chip or complete the predelivery process or something
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We received our EQC in mid-December and experienced something similar, it happened once to me during a half hour journey and wouldn’t come back on, the next day it was fine…
Hi, Simon. I had a similar issue with my EQC when only a few hundred miles. I lost one screen. The MB dealership diagnosed out of date software. It then took 23hrs updating all software. the issue then went away. Until this week when both screens went blank mid drive. I am now having new display fitted as soon as they can get one.
I would insist that they check all software, not just chassis software but MBUX as well. Good luck
hi my Mercedes b class multifunction screen got green stripes or just white anyone had this problem ?????
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