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Ji All,
Aberdeen UK, swapped over from 250d GLC AMG to EQA 350 AMG. Generally it's good but a few Driver/Car niggles that I'll have to learn to live with. Range not as impressive as marketing would suggest, in fact no where near. I'm not naive enough to think I'd get the same, but over 100 miles less??? I know it's new and things should ease. Odometer over reads by more than 10%, makes things even worse, Throttle pedal positioning uncomfortable (too high). Booked in with dealer to try and work things out. Watch this space.
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Hello, just read your post how are things now 3 months on?
I’d really like to know how your getting on now with your EQA specifically the range. I’m in Edinburgh (UK)
I’ve a 2week old EQA250 & I’m seeing really poor range.
Full charge shows 214miles, actual miles 126.
I like you wasn’t expecting anything close to 260 advertised but 126 !!!!
I’m running with Dauto, A/C off, temp 20c & I’m averaging 1.8mkwh.
How did your chat with the dealer go?
Hi All, at present I'm now getting 2.6 m/kw, should be 4 m/kw. I could live with 3+. Car goes into dealer 07/02. They had it for a weekend and got worse figures. Compare 250 & 350 same battery but 350 has 2 drive units compared to 1 on 250. MB quote similar figures for both models.???? how can that work. Car set up, Cruise On set 70mph, no A/C Fan on 2, Regen set in Auto or +, Drive mode C [best] or E. Managed 3 m/kw bimbling around town.. Will report later.
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