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New EQC Owner - Sussex

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Hey all!

After a long wait, finally got the EQC delivered the other week. My previous personal car was a 2017 A45 so this is a little different.

AMG Premium Plus finished in Selenite Grey.

Only done 470 miles thus far, enjoying it but was surprised when it arrived with no wireless carplay or wireless phone charger, nor the Burmester sound system. Thought I would just lump it and get used to the merc MBUX and it did show "Online Music" which I never got round to setting up. However - I went away for a week, came home and no longer can I see the option for Online Music in the vehicle MBUX. Am I being an idiot?

finally - Three warnings on the dash this morning.
1 - Red Battery
2 - Amber Tow
3 - Amber Low Coolant

Seems my luck with new Mercedes' is striking again!
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Dropped the car off to MaxWax in Shoreham for ceramic coating. Should last the lifetime of the vehicle and comes with a full warranty.

Thats paint, wheels and interior all fully protected. should make cleaning and avoiding scratches a little easier.

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