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Morning all, some very useful data starting to emerge in these threads .... good and bad. And for those of us still to take delivery it's especially useful.

One thing I'm picking up on is a lot of delta or gaps between the marketing materials and the delivered product and I thought it might be useful to have a rolling debate on experiences of those who have took delivery .... what they ordered against what they actually received.

For example:

Automatic door opening and close by brake pedal push - saw the MB marketing materials but don't know anyone who has it yet.
Gesture Controls - same again. Lots of nice videos but I know of no-one (yet) who can close their door by waving their hand
Grille Stars Missing - UK Market
Fragrance Model Missing - UK Market
22KW AC Charging Port - shown, in marketing literature but not possible to order

Those are off the top of head. Some might seem a little trivial. But at this price point?

I'm wondering what other delta you have found in your experience between the marketing and the hand over product?
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