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2019 A200 Mountain Gray also on Order Sept22 EQA 300 AMG Mountain Gray
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So finally pulled the pin and ordered a Metallic Mountain Gray EQA 300 AMG Premium Package Line today so waiting for Mercedes Leasing to give the (y) but should be a formality.

Forecasted Delivery date is May 2023 which I laughed when the dealer said that.. He didn't understand what was so funny. So I reminded him when I ordered my A200 Sedan back in Sept 2018 and it had a forecasted date of January 2019 which became March then May and finally delivered in June 2019. So I said I will see him in June 2023

Mercedes really need to get there shit together because the configurator doesn't match reality when its comes to placing an order.

I really wanted the Augmented Reality and if you drive dutch roads you will understand why this is a blessing as it shows the Traffic Lights on the screen when stopped.

But if I configure it on the De officiële website van Mercedes-Benz Nederland you can select this and it also makes you take the Dodehoekassistent (Blind Spot Assist) [SA-234] but when doing the offical order at the dealer it forces you to take Rijassistentiepakket zonder PRE-SAFE-systeem Driving assistance package PRE-SAFE system [PC-PAY] granted Blind spot assist is part of PC-PAY so the €1730 price tag is really only €1186 since I would of paid €544 anyway but still it was money I rather not spend.

The other strange thing was Voorbereiding voor Connectiveitspakket [PC-PBF] Preparation for Connectivity Package was €121 on the site but according the dealer it comes as standard anyway

So I ended up pretty much getting nearly every option so rather than list them all I will just list want I didn't get

MBUX Innovatiepakket [PC-PAU] Heads Up Display ( It doesn't work well with my sunglasses and it was in the test drive car and I really hated the distraction )
I just went with the standard suspension
Side Airbags rear. ( dont sit in the back and rarely have had people sitting in the back so didn't see the point)
Trailer Hitch (Never towed anything while living here in the past 8 years so didn't bother)

The one thing I am still undecided about is the rims.. Currently its got the standard 18" on the order but I am really torn on the 20" I have some time and I have the 18" on my current A200 and like them so I think I will stick with it for now.

Anyway will key you posted on the delivery dramas as I am sure they will come
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