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Pre-entry climate control error

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Hi all, I’m wondering if anyone has experienced a similar issue;

Sometimes when I’m going to work in the morning, I come downstairs to see the car frosted over. I’ll then flick the pre-entry climate control on while the kettle is boiling. Once I’ve made a coffee to go I’ll cancel the pre-heating, but every time I do this, the mbux throws a wobbler and either one or more of the following happens
  1. The reverse camera won’t activate
  2. The mode selector won’t move to eco. This remains stuck until I stop the car, press the stop button, open/close the door, push the start button
  3. The centre screen won’t come on for a minute or two, with no radio or sat nav
Really strange and it only ever happens when pre-entry climate control has been in use.
I would take it into the dealers, but that’s a pain to be avoided wherever possible 😃, so if anyone else has suffered the same, there’s more chance they’ve seen the problem before and maybe they have a fix.

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No sorry never had this issue. I do wonder if we should all start raising these sort of software issues via the Mercedes’ call system from the car. It might make Mercedes’ think about setting up some sort of software diagnostic system OTA just a thought. sorry I cannot help more.
No worries. Good point about contacting MB directly though. I will update the thread once I’ve been through the dealer’s sausage machine.
I haven't noticed this, as Parkwood says. I usually let the car automatically cancel preconditioning itself when press power button in the car before driving away. You could also try with switch in the car instead of through app or vice versa though I guess that is not the problem. Interested to hear if you raise with Mercedes
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