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Run out of charge

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Was on a 300 mile trip ysday and had my first range anxiety being down to 2 miles from being in middle nowhere and 2 broken hotel chargers. Taught me a few lessons.
When it gets to zero will it stop?
Or do you get any extra buffer after that?

Mercedes help send you to the AA-
Do they provide a mobile charge (is there such a thing).

On the satnav if you dont have enough charge for final place, it sends you to next charger. But you cant tell if that is a house or a low voltage one. So I use zapmap. But how do you switch the charger instruction location off?? (So i can go the route i want, not to a charger).

Many thanks and apologies for being thick.
Ps only just found the 350 volt superchargers. Superb!
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Myunderstanding is there is some leeway so you do continue for awhile after O miles but how long I do not know.
Only had my car 4 days so am still working my way around it have not got to grips with the nav but i would assume just stop the route guidance and then put in the destination you want?
Here is some numbers from Norway car associaton.

There is little bit extra (403 wltp / 434 real).
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There's a drive 'em 'til they die test here:
I got down to 12 very scary miles left just as I got home! Apart from several rude warnings, nothing stopped working.
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