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Servicing Costs

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Hi all,
MY new EQC is due next month (hopefully!). Can anyone give me an idea of the servicing costs? I'm trying to decide whether the dealer 4-year service contract at £1700 is good value. With three, maybe four, services in that period, it sounds expensive to me.

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Interestingly my dealer has not offered a servicing contract on the basis that servicing costs are low and apart from the cabin filter and brake fluid change consist of wear items like tyres I normally have a service plus contract on my lease so the mid level which excls the costs of wear parts. The contract offered does sound expensive but does it inc the cost or replacements like tyres in which case it would be good value. I am anticipating that tyre wear will be higher than normal given the weight of the car. surprisingly the servicing costs here in France are lower than in the U.K. (the cost of the car is def not!) so an hours Labour is around 90 euro for the highest techinical level lower grade work is billed at a lower Labour rate. So I anticipate an annual check to be around 100 plus the filter for the cabin and at 2 yrs the cost of changing the brake fluid so say 600 over 3 yrs 16 a month ie 2 small and 1 larger intervention just like the AB service plan for my e but without the cost of oil, oil filters and the time involved. I think my current contract is around 28 per month from memory. I think an A service for the e is around 300 and 450 for a B. I probably would take one out if offered but my dealer says it is not necessary time will tell if I have a horrible surprise!
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Has anyone got an update for this? I'm considering the MB Service Plan for my EQC but was keen to know how it compares to just paying for it at the time.
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