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Software update and Augmented reality

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Car is going in for it’s service A and supposedly the installation of the augmented reality missing since delivery. It has the camera but I thought it was a chip that was missing, but when I asked whether at the service they could finally install the AR as we had been promised they said yes but it needed a software update so the car was needed for a full day.
Anyone had any experience of having AR retro fitted after delivery? Is it that they will be fitting a part and then having to recalibrate the software or is it now possible to do because they have rewritten software?
Am quite disappointed the garage never contacted me before and also very annoyed I have to actually go to a sister dealership over 100km away as my own is not EQ approved and to add insult injury the delay for a day with a loan car was so long I will have to spend hours trawling around the town centre waiting for the car😤
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I've received the missing part a few months ago and I can tell you the camera is disappointing.
In 50% of drives, the Dashcam function fails to start and is a widespread problem.
They had the car for a day and upgraded a lot of software.
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