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Hi all,
Here I am again, I’ll get to the point.
I was having a chat with a mate and they asked, “does Sports mode in the EQC make any difference to acceleration and speed?”

a quick google from the Merc website Here says “the SPORT setting is designed to optimise performance on the road.”

but what does that actually mean ?!

In ICE cars sports mode normally increases the revs, stiffens the suspension and makes the steering more responsive.

However since there’s no revs in EVs what exactly is the point of sports mode?
is it just doing the other bits (I.e stiffens the suspension and makes the steering more responsive) and nothing to acceleration (velocity changes with time) & speed (the distance covered in a unit of time)?

I’m interested to here thoughts, opinions and personal first hand experience?

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Yes, it does make a difference to acceleration and speed. For example acceleration is more responsive which in turn improves speed because can get to higher speeds faster with less effort.

My subjective experience is sports mode gives:

stiffer suspension,

stiffer steering,

smaller press on accelerator needed,

traction improvement during sudden acceleration,

drifting more is possible I have read though I don't do that anymore to save on tyres.

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