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This newspaper does not like it that much!

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Unfortunately, can't read because of paywall.
In my prior career, I helped host and present at new vehicle reveals to the media for a US OEM. Spending time with the various writers, I came to realize how overwhelmingly subjective were their writings. Some writers with odd personal preferences or quirks would reveal themselves in what they liked/didn't like or what was important to them. Over time, I've placed far less weight on any one review and taken more of a "focus group" approach. I try to get the overall sense from a larger group of reviews and eliminate the aspects where my own personal opinion will substitute for theirs, such as on aesthetics where their opinions have zero importance. The other thing to realize is that writers need to fill "column inches" and write in a sufficiently provocative or interesting manner to gain readership, so they may also take positions to generate some debate.

From the overall group of articles and videos, I am concluding:
  • The exterior design is fine. I'm not looking for a Lambo Urus
  • The interior is extremely nice, although I have line-of-sight issues with the base cluster and need Hyperscreen to see the speedo
  • The range and recharging times are sufficient for my purposes. I don't take cross-country trips
  • The technology may be daunting at first and some controls inconvenient, but I still have a good learning curve in my 60s and don't tend to fiddle with many controls anyway. HVAC always on AUTO, Sound always on Sirius and off we go.
  • The steel suspension is fine and perhaps even better for ride smoothness for a cost savings now and later when a repair might be needed for air suspension
  • Rear steering will be very helpful in my suburban parking lot manuevers and residential street U-turns.
  • Either the 350 or 500 will be fine and will be dictated by HyperScreen availability
  • Smaller wheels will be preferred for comfort. Wondering if I can downsize to 19" if I need a 500 for HS.
  • Quiet and quality will be top-notch as will MB's established safety/impact capability
  • It's not a sports car and it's not meant to be. It's our family car for comfortable and safe transport for the daily activities of life in a luxurious environment
I've read nothing that suggests any alternatives soon available will be superior. Polestar 3 is tempting as next choice but that is a year or more away still to give them a chance to get the US plant up and running and have lots of build experience before my order arrives. Genesis GV80 Coupe Concept at the NY Auto Show is compelling, but it's even further away as now just a concept and not a production program. BMW iX is painful to be near.

As soon as the 2024MY order guide arrives, full speed ahead for Sonora Brown with Sable/Neva Gray interior!
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Unfortunately, can't read because of paywall.
You are not missing much.
Giving 2 stars out of 5 while whining about 350+, 19" wheels and rear axle steering not being offered in UK.
Complaining about driving dynamics though it is quite similar to EQE and EQS which both got 4 stars out of 5.
So all the good points and praise he mentioned apparently did not count for anything.

Extremely biased and subjective review - felt I wasted my time reading it.
Brit living in France with a comment, it is the Telegraph a notorious right wing newspaper who supported the leave option in the UK’s referendum back in the day which is now causing the U.K. difficulties shall we say. Anything to do with any EU member state, and specifically the Germans or French does not meet with their approval.
Some may say my view is harsh but there it is it is my view. However in general the british motoring press do prefer BMW over Mercedes and in any head to head it is unusual for the Mercedes to be awarded the top spot.
I would take anything the Telegraph says with a pinch of salt as is said in the U.K. ie ignore it. There are some good U.K. publications out there and even if they have a bias in the conclusion the reports and detailed comments can be informative but this is not one in my view which is of course totally subjective😉
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