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I first encountered the EQA by chance in the early fall of 2021 and my first reaction was that it was the car for me. I test drove - Why is it so hard to test drive an EV in Japan? Frankly, I skipped over a few brands available in Japan simply because I couldn't test drive a vehicle - an EQA 250 AMG Line later in October.

My wife and I knew we'd be "empty nesters" within in early 2022. Our daughter went off to college here in the Tokyo metro area and our son moved in with my brother in the Seattle metro area so that he could complete senior high school in the States. Switching from a kill-ten-trees-in-a-single-drive VW Touareg to a smaller car + EV was high on our list of priorities. We placed an order for a white EQA 250 AMG Line around Valentine's Day and the car just arrived two days ago.

On paper, 140 kw of power seemed anemic on paper, but driving the car around the past two days, not once have I felt that the car lacks enough power to not only get the job done but to be plenty sporty.

I've been in Japan for 25 years now and nearly all my vehicles have been 4WD/AWD, so the 250 does concern a little when I think about the inevitable snow storm that the car will have to deal with. If the 300 or 350 4matic had been available in Japan, I'd have gone with that just for the peace of mind. (The EQB was only announced here six weeks ago and the combination of styling & the 4matic option has me thinking that that car is what I will get next, but to be honest, for the moment, I'm really ENJOYING the size and capabilities of the EQA.)

I'd be glad to share my thoughts and experiences about owning the EQA in Japan and look forward to learning how to get the most out of the "Anton" from the community. Alll the best. よろしくお願いお願い致します。
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