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Have been reading a lot about wheel diameters, tyre choices and range implications.

There's a lot of interesting data out there and in fairness Tesla publish quite a lot. The (very simplified) summary seems to be:

  • Smaller wheels provide better range
  • Some tyres perform significantly better range wise than others.

I read an article (that I will add later) that indicated a difference of some 50 miles between a 22" and 21" wheel on the EQS. I think that was a US owner who did a 75 mph motorway drive each day from memory.

Now in the UK, it appears not to be an option on my model (450+ Prem Lux) ... you have to have a 22" wheel. But that seems a significant benefit if accurate.

And also on delivered tyre options .... what tyre did your car come with? I'm reading huge differences in performance/range between tyre choices. I can see no data jumping out at me on what tyres each EQS model comes with. I imagine the AMG to be different to the 450 etc.

EDIT: Apols, just saw that I duplicated some of that data above in an earlier post (senior moment) but still interested in tyre options by market and your opinions about the tyres the EQS comes shod with?
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