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If you're driving your EQC in D and just using the brake pedal to slow down (which I imagine is what most people do) then it all becomes even less intuitive. The first part of your brake pedal travel is engaging "engine braking" and so is subject to those quirks described above.
I use d auto all the time and have only once experienced something that was not quite what I was expecting albeit the ABS does cut in quicker than my previous e class. I wonder if d auto is managing the system more effectively馃

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Hi all
I have had my EQC for a year now and it has just gone for its first service
Told the dealer about my issues with the brakes as described by others on this forum
Pothole and wet drain covers making regen cut out and hard brake pedal even if i remove foot from brake pedal and reapply the regen does not kick back in and pedal is still hard
Dropped the car off first thing in the morning and by mid afternoon i received a phone call to say my car was not very well
The technician had gone out in the car with the regen disabled and came straight back as the brakes were Dangerous ( no assistance )
They then plugged it in to reset/ reprogram what ever they needed to do
Apparently there are 7 systems to do and it completed the first 3 or so and then froze up and now i am with out a car untill they find out what is going on
There is a recall that needed to be done to it as well for a reprogram of something to do with the battery or charge control but they have not got that far yet
Also the sat nav stopped working along with the sign recognition a couple of months ago
Not what i would expect from a brand new car
Very disappointed indeed
Not much fun to have a car as bad as this when was it first registered out of interest? Has it suffered de trimming due to the chip shortages?
you may be dammed unlucky and have a lemon as they call them in the states but that is on no consolation to you. Mine has been, as have all my Mercs trouble free so far but I appreciate that is just annoying to others who have had issues. All I can say is I hope it is sorted and do let us know what the garage say and do.

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Hi all
Had a email sent from the dealer with visual health check video and explanation of work that has been carried out
Apparently there were 9 systems that had to be reprogrammed for the brake issue and after a road test all seems to be ok ( told to monitor it )
The recall was for a reprogram of the level control for the rear suspension
The sat nav had to be reprogrammed to get that up and running again
The sign recognition was not working because the camera had an obstructed view so they have had to remove the camera and clean it reset it and clean the screen ( which i had done myself to no avail)
The car left the factory towards the end of April 2021 and i took delivery the beginning of July 2021
Straight away the gesture boot opening did not work at all so the car was picked back up a week or so later to fix that and replace a piece of chrome trim on the rear bumper that had a scratch on it
As for de trimming as mentioned by Parkwood it does not appear to have anything missing from the spec that was emailed to me by the dealer before delivery
I will keep you all posted to the results of the mass reprogramming when i eventually pick the car up on Friday as i work away from home
I have had to use my 2016 Vito this week for work which has cost me over 拢100 for fuel where as when i use the EQC it would cost me less than 拢20
Home is 拢0.28p per KW at the site i am on atm is just 拢0.08p per KW
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