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Vision EQXX revealed

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Mercedes-Benz debuted the EQXX concept (virtually) at CES today. They're touting a new standard of efficiency both from the battery system and aerodynamics and dropped an incredibly lengthy press release to go through all the details.

The target was energy consumption of less than 10 kWh/100km and they're claiming a total range of more than 1,000 km (648 miles) -- though again, this is a concept car, so I'm not sure what we should make of that claim at this point.

I do really like the styling. The front lighting signature is a little too similar to the Kia EV6, but everything else is quite distinct and much nicer than what we've seen on production EQ's, so far (imo). I really like the hood-mounted three-pointed star, and the taillights are incredible.

One of the stand-out tech talking points is the solar roof, which MB claims can add 25 miles of range. Somewhat confusingly (to me anyway), they also say it powers the HVAC system, lighting, and infotainment (all possibly through a separate and dedicated battery). That sounds more interesting to me than claiming 25 miles of range. Solar roofs on other EVs haven't proven very useful, but using it to keep the car comfortable when parked outside, or to take the HVAC load off the battery that's providing motive power seems like a clever use of the tech.

You can read at length using the link above, but if you're like me, you're really here for the photos!
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Interior photos!
I like what they've done here. The steering wheel is familiar with the recent Mercedes design and they've clearly imagined an evolution of the Hyper Screen that is actually seamless and much more striking to me than the implementation on the EQS.
The central tunnel is a little uninspired to me, but Iike the door card design and the loops for door releases.
It's all vegan and animal free, of course.
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