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I am an Aussie based in the Netherlands current Mercedes A200 AMG Line owner and will be switching out to an EQA.

There are some features I have really grown to love in my A200 especially in the Netherlands however due to the microchip shortage these are currently not available on the EQA

I am looking at getting a EQA300 AMG Line and even though Augmented Reality is now available to select on the configuration tool Memory Seats are not so that is a show stopper for me.

I am also a fan of the MultiBeam LED lights I have on my current A200 this isn't even an option on the EQA like it is on the GLA So not sure if I should wait and see what the 2023 model has to offer or place an order once the memory seats are available.

What I am very sure of is with petrol prices north of €2,30 here in Amsterdam my next car will be Electric with the added bonus 99.9% of the charging can be done at my work for free makes the overall running costs very low.

Will watch this overall forum for any hints and tips across my ordering journey
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